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Our Story

It started in a living room with a shared conviction that church planting didn’t have to be this way. Parachute dropped church planting was the norm, and more church plants closed in the first 3 years than stayed open. Impact church in Lowell, MI had already planted 3 churches, and its pastor, Phil Struckmeyer decided to pull together those church planters, and a couple more who were on the fringes, to huddle monthly for soul care and networking. After all, who better to share the challenges and celebrations of church planting than with others who are doing the same thing. Greenhouse multiplication network was born.

We had a shared multiplication heartbeat, and a shared desire to plant more churches. We realized even though we might not all have the resources to plant churches individually, together we could share our resources and churches of all sized and life stages could get involved in multiplication. Each church made the commitment to give 10% of their tithes and offerings to the cause of multiplying churches. Soon new churches were being planted in Michigan. Multiplication was happening and the mission of Greenhouse was becoming a movement.

Word of GREENHOUSE spread and new multipliers joined the mission. Soon our affiliation and affinity would spread beyond the borders of Michigan into other states. First in West Virginia, and then South Carolina. Next in Georgia, and Kentucky, and Alabama. Churches all over the country shared our same convictions and were willing to sacrifice for the mission of church multiplication. Eventually we would grow beyond the borders of our country and become a multi-national organization.

We believe that Jesus’ Kingdom is advancing through disciple-making movements led by Kingdom Multipliers and this work flourishes when multipliers are rooted in an ecosystem of unequivocal support. That’s why we holistically support Kingdom Multipliers.

Our Cultural Convictions

Multipliers deserve freedom to shape their unique expression of multiplication according to their calling. We are as unique as the communities we embrace. It drives diversity, creativity, and innovation. Its not about model… It’s about mission. Its not about leadership proficiency… It’s about vision clarity.

Multipliers deserve resources to develop their disciple-making philosophy. We are a disciple-making movement motivated by the Great Commission. We focus our leadership and resources to expand our disciple-making capacities. We celebrate every time a disciple makes a disciple, and a church multiplies itself. “Winning” isn’t about seating capacity… It’s about discipleship capacity.

Multipliers deserve support through critical seasons and strategic next-steps. Leading new endeavors takes courage. There is risk involved. We endure risk because we know that progress won’t happen otherwise. We band together, in wisdom, to make next steps possible. It’s not about viability… It’s about empowerment. It’s not about chasing dreams… It’s about obedience.

Multipliers deserve to make an impact beyond the walls of their own organization. Our strength is rooted in our commitment to one another. We band together for the sake of mission. We each position ourselves to give back and pay it forward. As we mature, we invest our time, people, assets, resources, and money back into the collective mission. It’s not about “My Church”… It’s about the next one. It’s not about financial security… It’s about familial investment.

Multipliers deserve to live and lead from a place of wholeness. We want our leadership on the outside to align with the person we are on the inside. We embrace vulnerability and summit ourselves to one another. We openly invite wisdom, perspective, correction, and encouragement. It’s not about what “I’m leading”… It’s about who “I am becoming”. It’s not about freedom and independence… It’s about accountability and interdependence.

Greenhouse Churches

Greenhouse Churches